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Hair Mesotherapy

We are applying Hair Mesotherapy to women and men who have hair shedding and hair thinning problems.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy is the direct injection process to skin for the vitamin, mineral, some keratolytic agents, amino acids and surface expanders needed by the hair. Hair Mesotherapy is a treatment method applied to the skin with the purpose of stopping the hair shedding, to increase the quality of the existing hair and strengthening the thinned hair. Process is applied by having 8-10 sessions and it lasts about 10-15 minutes. Blood circulation increase is provided when Hair Mesotherapy is applied to the scalp and this process helps to thicken the hair. Hair shall hold on to roots better and this way the shedding becomes prevented. Hair Mesotherapy is a method applied all over the world with the purpose of preventing hair shedding. Medicine reaching the tips of the capillary vessels taking place in the middle layer of the skin shows its effect rapidly. The reasons of having  this method more useful than the other medications  is using the medicine regional in little dosages, having the side effect of the same so little which can be considered insignificant and having the results swiftly and efficiently.

Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy is applied not only to slow down the hair shedding, but it is also applied with the purposes of giving healthy and vibrant appearance to dry hair that lost the vitality, to prevent the oiling in the hair and to prevent the itching in the bottom of the hair. Hair Mesotherapy can be applied to both women and men and it does not need any anesthesia and it can be applied within a time period such as 20 – 30 minutes. In order to have its effect to show itself, the ending of the sessions must be waited. It is advised to begin Mesotherapy sessions starting with the signs of hair weakening and shedding.

What is the Reason of Hair Shedding?

Even if there is no problem, hair shedding can be faced during the season transitions. Also in this period, Hair Mesotherapy can be applied as a medical care. Especially; in the end of summer, a few session can be enough for the hair worn out from the sun and sea. Being a local technic has also minimized the possibility of side effect of Mesotherapy. Hair Mesotherapy can also be preferred in order to strengthen and to increase the speed of stemming the new developing hair after hair transplantations.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Efficient?

When compared with the products applied to hair and scalp from the outside, its efficiency is superior beyond compare. An irritation occurs in the section in the consequence of applied medicines and injections done. This situation causes the accumulation of blood and the medicines penetrating inside the blood spreads to entire scalp. Thus, strands become fed from their roots. If  Hair Mesotherapy is done with the interval proposed by the doctor, little blood vessels come into existence .In other words, while Hair Mesotherapy essentially gives to hair follicles what they need, it also increases the blood vessels of that section and blood holding activities of the vessels and it shows its effect. In hormonal and genetic hair shedding situations, this method can be used a supportive care. It is possible to plan the mixture used in Mesotherapy Method according to the needs of the person. It is applied in the direction of eliminating the needed deficiencies, it provides to have plumper, voluminous and bright hair. In Mesotherapy, missing structures are transferred to hair follicles with little dosages. The results of Hair Mesotherapy are considerably fast and it is an efficient treatment method.

To whom Hair Mesotherapy can be applied?

There is no inconveniency to be able to apply it to young persons who have hair shedding problem. Hair Mesotherapy is proposed to persons who have hair shedding problem and to the person who have thinning and when having thin hair. By means of these treatments, weakened hair follicles are renewed, vitalized again and hair follicles get strong. Hair Mesotherapy can be applied to every person who does not have health problem, allergy. Mesotherapy technic is one of the treatment methods commonly used among the clinical treatments. It is healthy and reliable but there is the requirement for it to be applied necessarily by the specialist doctor.